Stone materials decay patterns of historical buildings in the Southeastern Anatolia climate: A case study of Mardin history İzzetpaşa Old Prison

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Lale Karataş
Tahir Ateş
Aydın Alptekin
Murat Yakar


Due to the fact that the stone material used in historical buildings shows different mineralogical and physical properties in every geography and the materials are located in different climatic and environmental conditions, material problems should be systematically analyzed and diagnosed in a geographical context. The aim of the study is to determine the material problems and deterioration processes of the local limestone in the geographical context by detecting the material deterioration of the Mardin Historical İzzetpaşa Old Prison, which was built with local stone materials and has a symbolic value for the city. The study is important in terms of considering structural elements and material deteriorations in an ontological context and explaining the main deterioration patterns observed on limestone material and the environmental effects affecting the material. In this context, the deterioration of the structure was classified and visualized based on the ICOMOS (Illustrated Glossary) stone deterioration classification. According to the data obtained from results of the study; the most common problem in construction elements occurred with stone materials is the use of cement for repair purposes in almost all construction elements. This shows that the Mardin Historical İzzetpaşa Old Prison building, which is the symbol of the region, was not included in a systematic protection program. In this context, the results of the study show that uncontrolled interventions should be prevented urgently in the context of this geography.

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Karataş , L. ., Ateş , T. ., Alptekin, A., & Yakar, M. (2023). Stone materials decay patterns of historical buildings in the Southeastern Anatolia climate: A case study of Mardin history İzzetpaşa Old Prison. Advanced Engineering Science, 3, 37–45. Retrieved from


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