Geotechnical examination of Ermenek District in the Province of Karaman

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Fevzi Sevimli
İsa Kul


In recent years, as a result of the increasing interest in construction in our country, the demand for construction areas has also increased. Regarding the buildings we plan to build, we should examine whether the ground being the surface on which the structure will sit or be adjacent, can respond to us positively in terms of strength. As a result, if the soil strength is poor, either the ground must be improved or the property of the structure to be built must be changed. Hence, the building and the ground can not be considered separately. They need to be considered as a whole. In our country, there are not many geotechnical studies which deal with the structure-soil relationship and explain the ground infrastructure of the region, especially in settlements with medium and small populations. Due to this reason, in this study, it is aimed to address the Ermenek district of Karaman from this respect and to eliminate this deficiency of the district. In accordance with this, ground structure of district, various ground survey reports and geophysical reports prepared in recent years were examined. Furthermore, structure class of building planned to be made on that parcel, as well as ground settlement area, number and height of floors, approximate building and foundation loads were calculated with respect to architectural aspects and static and dynamic loads that were formed were brought together and their suitability for the structure, amount of seating that may occur on the ground, and liquefaction situations were examined with respect to bearing capacity of ground. In this way, an infrastructure information bank was created with regards to geotechnical aspects of district.

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