Software engineering methodologies in programming companies in Albania

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Blerta Leka
Klesti Hoxha


Single software development is a systematic engineering process that requires the selection and application of appropriate software development methodologies to ensure project success. Software Engineering (SE) necessitates a set of principles and tools to facilitate the production of high-quality software products. With the continuous evolution of information technologies and software engineering, the development and application methodologies for the Albanian market have also advanced. Our company places significant emphasis on investing in people, infrastructure, methodologies, and modern tools. In recent years, there has been a notable trend toward the adoption of agile methodologies, resulting in a surge in its utilization compared to traditional approaches. This study aims to examine the existing methodologies employed by software companies in Albania and assess their readiness for transitioning to agile methodologies.

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Leka, B. ., & Hoxha, K. (2024). Software engineering methodologies in programming companies in Albania. Engineering Applications, 3(1), 85–91. Retrieved from


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