PV connected pumped-hydro storage system

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Ayşenur Oymak
Mehmet Rida Tür
Nouha Bouchiba


Storage systems are needed to increase the number of renewable energy sources that can be integrated into distribution systems in smart grids and to ensure the continuity of energy. Energy storage can support system operators and provide many services such as energy time shifting, capacity backup, outage management, transmission congestion relief and power quality improvements. Batteries and storage are used due to interruptions and waves in renewable energy sources such as wind and solar. In order to expand the use of clean energy and to ensure energy continuity, mechanical storage methods are emphasized in large power systems. Storage studies have been carried out to increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve storage time. In this study, pumped storage and compressed air storage systems, which are mechanical storage methods, are briefly mentioned. Then, the PV integrated pumped storage system model is emphasized. PHS has been said that the system in which solar are used as a hybrid is advantageous in providing high profitability in the energy market. Thanks to its integration with the sun carbon emissions are reduced. The system will also be useful in meeting irrigation and water needs.

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Oymak, A. ., Tür, M. R. ., & Bouchiba, N. . (2022). PV connected pumped-hydro storage system. Engineering Applications, 1(1), 46–54. Retrieved from https://publish.mersin.edu.tr/index.php/enap/article/view/316


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