24V input 12V and 36V output buck-boost converter design

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Muslime Altun
Mehmet Rida Tür
Fevzi Çakmak


In this modern era of electronic technologies, all the appliances require a separate power supply. To overcome this drawback, the concept of a single converter with multiple power supply has been proposed. Furthermore, the proposed research work clarifies about multipurpose charger, which alters and uses a boost topology to supply different outputs as required for different applications. Proposed method consists of multiple PWM duty cycles to produce multiple regulated power supply voltages, and so it is also referred as multi power boost converter. It uses one converter for obtaining various outputs. For example, mobile, laptop, electric vehicle, or any other electronic appliances can be charged using multi power boost converter.

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Altun, M. ., Tür, M. R. ., & Çakmak, F. . (2022). 24V input 12V and 36V output buck-boost converter design. Engineering Applications, 1(1), 72–79. Retrieved from https://publish.mersin.edu.tr/index.php/enap/article/view/319


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