Effect of energy storage on power system stability

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Ayşe Acar
Asım Kaygusuz


Nowadays, the difference between the amount of energy produced and the amount of energy consumed is increasing. However, the resources of traditional energy production methods are gradually decreasing and cause environmental pollution. Limited resources lead us to renewable energy sources. On the other hand, production with renewable energy sources brings with it the changing global climate problem. The efficient, functional and continuous use of this energy is as important as the production of energy. However, systems based on renewable energy sources such as solar and wind cannot respond quickly and reliably to fluctuating demand as they have different generation profiles seasonally and during the day. This indicates that energy storage is an important issue. It is academically important to analyze the changes in the stability of power systems by integrating storage systems into power systems. In this study, it is aimed to minimize the production-consumption imbalance by integrating energy storage systems into smart grids and the response of system stability is analyzed. In practice, development studies were carried out on the basis of the MATLAB contents applied by Hadi Saadat. For this analysis, hypothetical generation and consumption systems have been created using the IEEE 14 bus power system.

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