Mapping of frequently flood affected villages in Eastern Hindukush Region, Pakistan


  • Ramsha Sohail
  • Shakeel Mahmood


Eastern Hindukush Region, Literature Review, Point Level Geocoding, Vulnerable villages Maps


In order to locate and map the villages in the Eastern Hindu Kush region that are frequently affected by flooding, this research offers a rigorous analysis that combines point level geocoding techniques with an extensive literature assessment. In Eastern Hindu Kush region, flooding is a frequent and destructive natural calamity that affects infrastructure and populations. This study uses information from the literature and geospatial data to identify the communities that are most vulnerable in order to solve this problem. In order to precisely pinpoint these communities on digital maps, this research uses advanced geocoding techniques, which offers insightful information for activities aimed at mitigating and preparing for disasters. This study provides an integrated picture of the flood-prone regions in Eastern Hindu Kush region by merging historical flood data with academic research findings. This allows for targeted interventions and resource allocation for disaster management and community resilience.