A tool for basic surveying and geodetic calculations


  • Muaz Ayran
  • Veli İlçi


Surveying, Geodesy, Education


With the rapid development of computer and software technologies, many web-based and mobile applications have been developed in recent years. While these programs can occasionally solve extremely basic problems, they can also solve problems that require a great deal of labour and processing power effortlessly. In the field of geomatics engineering, there are some easy problems as well as challenging and work-intensive calculations. Although there are a few web-based and mobile applications in geomatics, these applications are designed to solve only some professional problems. In this study, a web-based tool has been developed to solve almost all problems encountered in surveying and geodetic applications. All coding is written in C# programming language. User-friendly graphical interfaces (GUI) are designed to be easy to use. Sample images have also been added to the modules so that users can better understand the modules. A total of 35 modules were developed, including 20 surveying and 15 geodetic problem solutions. These modules allow surveying and geodetic problems to be easily solved in both student and professional applications. Thus, it saves both labour and time.