The investigation of house value criteria in Atakum-Mimarsinan District Pre- and PostPandemic by multiple regression analysis


  • Simge Anaklı
  • Yasemin Sisman
  • Mehmet Emin Tabar


House Valuation,, Multiple Regression, Analysis,, Minitab, Modelling


Real estate valuation is the impartial appraisal and determination of the value of a real estate property by evaluating its characteristics such as utility, quality and environment. In recent years, the whole world has faced the Covid19 pandemic. Although the pandemic has actually ended, its impact on human life still continues. It has been observed that living habits have changed in every field due to the pandemic. This study has been prepared by wondering the impact of this change on the importance of the criteria that affect the house valuation. Different methods can be used in real estate valuation. These approaches are categorized under 2 main headings: traditional methods, modern methods and statistical methods.  The aim of this study is to analyse the data before and after the pandemic in Atakum-Mimarsinan district of Samsun province using a multiple regression model in the Minitab program and to compare the change in the coefficients of the criteria affecting the house value. As a result of the study, when the coefficients of the criteria affecting the house valuation pre-and post-pandemic are compared, it is concluded that the coefficient of the floor area has decreased, while the number of rooms has become more important.