Waterbody change detection using Sentinel-3 thermal imagery: A case study of Mighan Wetland, Iran


  • Maryam Sadat Aghamiri
  • Azadeh Aghamohammadi


Change detection, LST, Sentinel3, DTR, wetland


The wetland ecosystem is an important indicator of climate change and valuable ecosystems for environment and human being that offer substantial services. This study detects the changes land surface temperature in Mighan wetland in 2018 and 2023 by using Sentinel-3 SLSTR data. Two essential factors were used for detection. LST and DTR factors detect changes in water bodies accurately and correctly. The study finds that in the eastern and southern regions of the wetland, there is a decrease in daily LST, indicating a decrease in water temperature. In the central and western regions, there is a decrease in land temperature. The nightly LST trend shows variations between different regions of the wetland, with the eastern region experiencing lesser changes compared to the central and western regions. Additionally, the article analyzes DTR trends and finds that differences between day and night temperatures decreased over time in the eastern and southern parts of the wetland. These findings contribute to understanding temperature dynamics in wetland ecosystems and their potential implications for climate change impacts.