Indoor mapping with wearable laser scanner and iPad lidar


  • Doğukan Sugölü
  • Abdurahman Yasin Yiğit


Indoor mapping, SLAM, Wearable laser scanner, iPad LiDAR, LiDAR


Efficiently surveying complex indoor environments remains a challenge due to the accuracy demands of interior geometric data. Laser scanning technology in indoor and outdoor mapping has significantly advanced the field, surpassing conventional measuring devices. Indoor and outdoor mapping processes have typically depended on acquiring terrestrial laser scanner point clouds, a time-consuming and costly technique. Alternatively, we present a novel indoor mapping strategy utilizing simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) based on a wearable mobile laser scanner and a laser sensor incorporated into portable iPad tablets. This approach has already been successfully tested in mapping processes, offering a more efficient and economical alternative to conventional terrestrial laser scanning point clouds. Indoor scanning is conducted in this methodology. Initially, the specified region is scanned with a ground-based laser scanner, and the resultant data serves as a reference. Subsequently, this area is scanned with wearable and iPad laser scanners, and a comparative analysis is executed. Based on the case study area findings, the proposed technique could be an alternative to the portable and wearable laser scanning method. This alternative provides notable benefits regarding accuracy and time efficiency for point cloud laser scanning at a local level.