The utilization of gimbal systems in unmanned aerial vehicles

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Özge Villi
Hakan Yavuz


UAVs can be defined as a type of aircraft that carries payloads such as cameras, lasers, and radars, and is controlled by an onboard flight control system. UAVs are used in various application areas such as mapping, search and rescue, cargo transportation, reconnaissance, and surveillance. Considering the application areas of UAVs, it is seen that they perform many tasks involving functions such as live video recording, video transmission, object tracking, and surveillance. To fulfill the specified tasks, it requires the use of various image and video processing algorithms and video stabilization and noise reduction operations. Many control mechanisms are used in UAVs to meet these requirements. Thus, precise images can be taken and measurements can be made by minimizing distorting effects. In this article, information is first given about UAVs and their basic components. Subsequently, the importance of image stabilization techniques in camera systems is emphasized. In this context, technologies related to camera gimbal stabilization techniques used in UAVs are presented.


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