Energy dissipation potential of flow separators placed in spillway flip bucket

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Ali Emre Ulu
Mehmet Cihan Aydın
Ercan Işık


The design of the energy dissipating pools at the downstream of the spillway is an important issue in terms of controlling the downstream flow regime, jet velocities and the scour problem that may occur in this region. In this context, there are many designs for flip-bucket pools for both energy dissipation and minimizing scour problems. In this study, the energy dissipation performance of a flow separator structure placed in an energy dissipation pool was investigated numerically by increasing the shear stresses. As a remarkable result, it has been observed that flow separators are able to reduce flow velocities by up to 55%, while the downstream trajectory increases significantly.

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Ulu, A. E., Aydın, M. C., & Işık, E. (2022). Energy dissipation potential of flow separators placed in spillway flip bucket. Advanced Engineering Science, 2, 60–66. Retrieved from


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