Appropriate vibration wedge selection and calculations


  • Mehmet Emre Şahin
  • Mehmet Ali Kurgun


Vibration, Damping Vibration, Wedge


The industrial revolution, which began with the invention of the steam engine, keeps developing with the Internet of Things. The use of machinery continues to increase at every stage of this development. The majority of the machines used do work with the help of rotational movement. The interaction between the systems to which the machines are connected and the machine during the rotational force causes some problems. The biggest trigger of these problems is the uncontrollable vibrations. Due to these uncontrolled vibrations, many serious problems such as wear, cracking, and even breakage occur in the machines or the systems to which they are connected. Although it is very difficult to prevent these vibrations during the application, it is possible to keep the vibration under control. Vibration wedges are the most preferred equipment in this regard. In this article, the calculations of the vibration wedge required to control vibration and the points that should be considered in the selection of the wedge will be explained.


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