Comparison of an 18-story reinforced concrete structure using the response spectrum analysis according to the TSC 2007 and TSC 2019


  • Furkan İnal
  • Hüsnü Can


Seismic code, Response spectrum analysis, Concrete structures


This study utilized TSC 2007 and TSC 2019 seismic codes to investigate the earthquake forces of an 18-story reinforced concrete building with a 35x25m2 floor plan using the response spectrum method. Because of the effective cross-sectional stiffness, spectral accelerations are greater in TSC 2007 than in TSC 2019. Even though the structural behavior coefficient was taken to be smaller in TSC 2019 due to the shear wall placement, the shear forces of the previous code are greater. In the new seismic code, the reduction of the stiffness of the load-bearing elements has led to an increase in the period values, which has led to a more ductile behavior of the building.


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