Preliminary data on Albanian consumers behavior toward food consumption during the COVID‐19 pandemic


  • Enkeleda Berberi
  • Spase Shumka


Covid-19 pandemic, Albanian consumer, Food behavior, Online Grocery, Local food


Albania faced the same challenges as other countries worldwide during the COVID-19 pandemic. This study evaluates how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the food security and variety of foods available to Albanian consumers in urban areas. The research was based on a cross-sectional survey conducted between March until September 2021. Regardless of the total lockdown that characterized this period the Albanian consumers used the time of free circulation to go to markets for grocery and were oriented towards buying local products. “Ordering grocery online” 60% of the participants answered “never”. This, in our opinion, is caused by a number of variables, including the brief lock down (the first period lasted from the end of March until June 2020) and consumer perceptions that eating healthily will make it easier to pass through Covid. Our findings do not allow us to predict what will happen in the long run, but risk exposure and food uncertainty have changed how consumers spend and eat. Regardless of the data presented in this manuscript, further studies are warranted in the near future to have a full understanding of the Albania consumers behavior toward food consumption especially under stressed period such as the period of COVID-19 pandemic.


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