The air pollution from vehicles and health risks in the city of Tirana


  • Asllan Hajderi
  • Ledia Bozo


Air pollution, Human health, Pollution reduction, Risks from pollution


In this paper, the problem of environmental pollution in urban intersections, from vehicle. The challenge today for human health remains the improvement of air quality. For this reason, the city of Tirana was studied, where the main elements of air pollution from vehicles, which are particles PM10/ PM2.5, nitrogen dioxides NO/NO2, Benzene C6H6, Ozone O3, carbon monoxide CO, were initially treated. , carbon dioxide CO2 and sulfur dioxide SO2, Then the effects that each pollutant causes on human health are addressed, In the following, the assessment of the health risks from the main pollutants is analyzed, where premature deaths, lost years of life and morbidity are used as indicators by the WHO, which are given for the three main pollutants, PM particles, nitrogen dioxide and ozone. For these, the WHO has determined the methodology of the impact of each pollutant, for 100,000 inhabitants. EU reports show that for 2020 in Albania premature deaths were 3600 from PM particles, 330 from nitrogen dioxides and 310 from ozone. While the lost years of life per 100,000 inhabitants were 1296 for PM, 116 for NO2 and 115 for O3. At the end, the ways to reduce air pollution are discussed.


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