Data security in public and private administration: Challenges, trends, and effective protection in the era of digitalization


  • Dolantina Hyka
  • Alma Hyra
  • Fatmir Basholli
  • Besjana Mema
  • Albina Basholli


Data security, Cryptography, Public administration, Private administration


Data security is a critical concern in today's digital era, especially for public and private administrations that handle sensitive information. The growing reliance on technology and the increasing sophistication of cyber threats necessitate the adoption of robust security measures, particularly in the realm of cryptography. This research paper aims to investigate the role of cryptographic techniques in enhancing data security within the context of public and private administration. The research paper investigates the practical implementation of cryptographic techniques in administrative environments. It discusses the integration of encryption mechanisms into data storage, transmission, and access control systems. The balance between data security and privacy considerations is explored, highlighting the need for a comprehensive approach.


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