Internet of things in the development of future businesses in Albania


  • Besjana Mema
  • Fatmir Basholli
  • Delina Xhafaj
  • Albina Basholli
  • Dolantina Hyka


IoT, Business, Network, Technology


Internet of Things (IoT) refers to a technology that connects various devices and objects, leading to a digital revolution in different aspects of life. It has the potential to create highly efficient and rewarding smart environments for individuals. The IoT not only impacts our daily lives but also significantly influences how we work and conduct business. This article focuses on IoT technology and how it affects businesses, emphasizing how crucial it is for such organizations to be ready for and able to adapt to the changes it brings. Let's see if SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) in Albania can benefit from the further advancement of IoT (Internet of Things), what are the expectations, possibilities, and potential risks that may arise on this journey


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