Analysis for traffic/road and vehicle/cargo tracking/planning systems (TRVCTPS) in the road transport within the scope of smart cities


  • Aziz Cumhur Kocalar


Tracking systems, Smart cities, Transportation, Logistics, Disaster logistics, Road transport


In the cities, the traffic/road and the vehicle/cargo density constitute a complex problem area. Trip computers, provide information about vehicles and travel. To the extent that this information can be interacted with the traffic and road condition, it will be easier to make an instant travel flow plan and to update the status. However, the depth of interaction is still quite uncertain. Generally, there is a one-way and limited flow of information, and interaction is more focused on obtaining and evaluating information. It is known that vehicles will start to be self-directed (autonomous) in future. It is seen that these expectations force the traffic/road-vehicle situation interaction and management infrastructures to improve through monitoring. The study explores technologies that prioritize traffic/road and vehicle situation interaction within the scope of smart cities. It also evaluates developments in other smart solutions related to the traffic/road and the vehicle/cargo situation tracking/planning (TRVCTPS) from a relational perspective. Especially, the difficulties of disaster and humanitarian aid logistics, can be exceeded, albeit at micro levels, thanks to the development of early warning systems by relevant technologies and institutions, and the implementation of advanced problems and solutions.