The effects of the climate crisis and adaptation policies: The Green Consensus


  • Aziz Cumhur Kocalar


European Green Consensus, Climate crisis effects, International trade, Economic planning, Public administration, Public politics


The study examines the prominent issues about Turkey's signing of the Paris Agreement and the process of harmonization with the EU Green Consensus. The study evaluates the findings on the Green Consensus Era and makes predictions about the near future on issues related to international trade. Research is important in terms of illuminating the critical points of the related process. The method of the research is based on interdisciplinary findings and observations. The European Union put into effect the European Green Consensus (EGC) in 2019. In 2021, Turkey published the Green Reconciliation Action Plan. In the same year, Turkey also signed the Paris Agreement. Therefore, Turkey should speed up its preparations for this process involving EGC. It is known that especially digital transformation will play a dominant role with the solutions it will provide in this process. For this purpose, it was deemed necessary for Turkey to start making new moves in economic planning, public administration, and politics.