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2018: International Erdemli Symposium
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Published: 2023-05-31

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International Erdemli Symposium

International Erdemli Symposium was held on April 19-21, 2018 in Mersin Province
Erdemli District.

Erdemli is the 6th largest district of the Mersin Province and is at the forefront with its
large and deep history, rich cultural accumulation, unique natural beauties, springs,
historical sites and important agricultural facilities.

It is thought that there are many issues that need to be produced and evaluated about
Erdemli, which continues to develop and grow, at present and in future. For this
purpose, it was aimed to create an awareness of ideas and project proposals about
Erdemli to be discussed in a scientific atmosphere and to share it with public. In
addition to that, this symposium could be a platform in which business or research
relations for future collaborations will be established.

International Erdemli symposium has received quite high interests from academician
sides. We had in total 350 presentations from different universities. The symposium
was organized in Erdemli by Mersin University with collaboration of municipality of
Erdemli for the first time and internationally and free of charge. We believe that the
symposium will be beneficial to our city Mersin and our country Turkey. As organizing
committee, we believe that we had a successful symposium.

We gratefully thank to the scientific committee of the symposium, all of the speakers,
all of the participants, all of the students, all of the guests and also the press members
for their contributions.

On behalf of the organizing committee.

Prof. Dr. Murat YAKAR

Head of Organizing Committee