General Information

General Information

Presentations at the symposium will be presented in the language (Turkish or English) in which the paper was sent. The abstracts of the submitted papers will be published as an e-proceeding book, and the full-text studies will be published in the journals scanned in various indexes under the title of journals after the referee process is completed.
Papers that are not presented at the symposium and whose full text is not sent will be removed from the abstract booklet.

Symposium Date and Place

19 – 21 April 2018 Erdemli Municipality Cultural Center MERSIN

Symposium Language

The symposium languages ​​are Turkish and English.

Symposium Registration

The registration desk will be open throughout the symposium from 08:00 on 19 April 2018.

Invitation Letter-Permissions

A "Symposium Invitation Letter" can be sent by the Symposium Secretariat to be given to institutions upon request for meeting participation. These articles can only be used for the participants to get permission from their institutions.

Presentation Delivery / Control Room

You should send the first day's presentations by e-mail 1 day before the presentation to the addresses of, and

Poster Papers

A special area will be reserved in the symposium center for poster presentations accepted by the symposium scientific committee. Paper owners are required to hang their posters between the days and hours specified for them. No responsibility will be accepted for posters not collected by their owners. The posters that are accepted or not hung will be determined by the symposium organizing committee and necessary notifications will be made about those concerned.

Oral Presentations

A limited number of papers to be determined by the abstract evaluation committee will be opened for discussion in a hall to be determined at the symposium centre. The calendar for the selected papers will be announced in the final program.

Certificate of participation

Certificates of participation will be given by the session chair immediately after the presentation.


– Accommodation will be organized by Erdemli Municipality upon prior notification of the participants.