Evaluation of a land readjustment cancelled by a court decision from a technical perspective: A case study in Türkiye

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Seyfullah Aybal
Hüseyin Pehlivan


In Türkiye, land readjustments conducted within the framework of the Zoning Law can be canceled by courts for technical and legal reasons. These cancellation processes can result in significant time and costs for both property owners and the public. Therefore, it is of utmost importance for land readjustments to be applied correctly from both technical and legal perspectives. However, in cases where certain situations are not clearly specified or defined in legal texts, the effectiveness and applicability of practices can be limited. In this study, a zoning implementation that was canceled with reference to its boundaries was reexamined. This examination is based on court decisions related to technical and zoning applications. As a result of the new land readjustment conducted based on the canceled court decisions, it was determined that there were no changes in the Regulation Partnership Share (RPS) ratio, the allocated areas of parcels within the building block, and the number of parcels including social facilities. This indicates that due to certain court decisions, property owners' zoning rights have been restricted, resulting in a burden in terms of time and cost. Consequently, to prevent the cancellation of land and plot readjustments when they do not change the outcome legally and technically, a consultation board consisting of experts well-versed in technical and legal regulations could be established as a solution. This consultation board could evaluate existing practices and propose improvements, contributing to making processes more transparent and participatory. Moreover, courts should be encouraged to consult with expert witnesses and judges when handling such cases. This would ensure that land readjustment implementations are conducted more fairly and effectively, and the interests of property owners and the public are better protected.

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Aybal , S. ., & Pehlivan, H. (2023). Evaluation of a land readjustment cancelled by a court decision from a technical perspective: A case study in Türkiye. Advanced Land Management, 3(2), 90–96. Retrieved from https://publish.mersin.edu.tr/index.php/alm/article/view/1050


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