Valuation based land regulation model and its applicability in Türkiye

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Mehmet Koçoğlu
Mehmet Ertaş
Mevlüt Uyan


Land readjustment works applied in Türkiye are carried out in accordance with the 18th article of the 3194 zoning law. According to the regulation, all of the cadastral parcels in the regulation limit are considered as a whole and are converted into construction parcels. It is natural that there will be an increase in the value of these areas, which are now considered as construction plots. However, in practice, some cadastral parcels in the scope of regulation benefit much from this increase in value, and some parcels are satisfied with only a less value increase. This problem, which is experienced in practice, often brings with it a legal issue or legal lawsuits about the application for citizens. In accordance with the 18th Article of the law with the number 3194, a value-based distribution may be applied in practice in all the parcels that are included within the regulation limit instead of a field-based distribution. This application has a great importance in terms of eliminating the existing problems in this field. However, uncertainties related the valuation procedures weaken strength of the value-based method. In this study; applicability of value-based land readjustment and to be adopted by practitioners, the right development was taken as the basis which directly and most affects the value of the real estate. The Model was applied in a selected pilot study area, the calculated allocation values were compared with the current implementation method.

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Koçoğlu, M., Ertaş , M. ., & Uyan, M. . . (2024). Valuation based land regulation model and its applicability in Türkiye. Advanced Land Management, 4(1), 1–10. Retrieved from


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