The historical evolution and acquisition, circulation and withdrawal of rural homestead system in China

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The land system of China generally falls into three positions, namely agricultural, land conversion, and urban land use. But, the land system of China’s rural area is quite different from the rest of the world. This unique land system ultimately contributes to changing the countryside. After forming the new China, the Land Reform Law of 1950 paved the way for creating land ownership for farmers. But, implementing the rural homestead system in China’s countryside was not an easy task because of considering the issue of the rural economy and farmers’ rights. With the passage of time, China’s land reform policy regarding the rural homestead system gets matured. Despite numerous efforts from the government side to effectively apply the right to use the rural homestead, there are many factors work that hinder the process. This paper tries to draw attention to the issues like the uncertain subject of homestead use right, restricted circulation of homestead use right, withdrawal of homestead use right, and others, along with the evolution of the homestead system in China. 

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Wang, S., & Liu, H. . (2022). The historical evolution and acquisition, circulation and withdrawal of rural homestead system in China. Advanced Land Management, 2(2), 60–68. Retrieved from


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