A Rare Occurrence of Tripterygion Tripteronotum (Risso, 1810) from the North-Eastern Mediterranean

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Deniz Ergüden
Sibel Alagöz Ergüden
Menderes Şereflişan
Necdet Uyğur


One male specimen the Red-black triplefin Tripterygion tripteronotum (Risso, 1810) was recorded by a SCUBA diving expedition at a depth of 3 m on 13 May 2017 in Iskenderun Bay, Turkey. T. tripteronotum is endemic to the Mediterranean and Black Sea. It is extremely rare in the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea. This paper reporting an endemic fish confirms the occurrence of the species in Iskenderun Bay (North-Eastern Mediterranean, Turkey) in addition to the present report is the first observation for this location in the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. The previous studies have neither given any specific location nor any detailed information about this endemic fish species. Besides the historical captured record of the species in the Mediterranean Sea was well documented in this study.

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Ergüden, D., Ergüden, S. A., Şereflişan, M., & Uyğur, N. (2022). A Rare Occurrence of Tripterygion Tripteronotum (Risso, 1810) from the North-Eastern Mediterranean. Advanced Underwater Sciences, 2(2), 33–36. Retrieved from https://publish.mersin.edu.tr/index.php/aus/article/view/342


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