Vol. 3 No. 2 (2023)

Published: 17.11.2023

Using UAS for monitoring the summit of the Arenal Volcano Costa Rica

Ian Godfrey, Geoffroy Avard, José Pablo Sibaja Brenes , Maria Martínez Cruz , Khadija Meghraoui


Statistical properties of image pixel brightness from the onboard optical location system

Andrei Sergeevich Solonar, Sergei Viktorovich Tsuprik, Petr Aleksandrovich Khmarski


Launching the SnifferV and Sniffer4D multigas detectors into the active crater of the Poás Volcano in Costa Rica using unmanned aerial systems

Ian Godfrey, José Pablo Sibaja Brenes, Maria Martínez Cruz, Geoffroy Avard, Khadija Meghraoui


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