1. Corresponding author uploads the manuscript, ORCID ID form and Publishing Agreement file.

2. Preliminary consideration will be implemented by the Co-editors.

3. Turnitin software will be used to get plagiarism report. Then the manuscript will be sent to Editor in Chief.

4. Editor decides whether the manuscript is suitable or not. The editor will reject the paper if it is unsuitable.

5. Editor will assign two reviewers who are professional in their topics.

6. Reviewers will decide to accept, minor revision, major revision or reject the paper in a month. Reviewers will give detailed information about their decisions.

7. Authors will have one month time to make necessary corrections. Otherwise, the paper will be rejected.

8. Corresponding author will upload the revised manuscript.

9. Authors should indicate the corrections they have made according to the suggestions of reviewers in different colours.

10. Editor decides whether to publish the revised manuscript or send it back to reviewers.

11. Language editor will check the final version of the manuscript.

12. The decision will be given in approximately three months' time.