Publisher: Atlas Academy

Online-ISSN: 2822-7026

The publication language of the journal: English

About Journal

Advanced GIS (AGIS) journal aims to publish original research articles, review articles and technical notes in the field of Geographic Information Systems (GIS). GIS allows spatial analysis, modeling and visualization of the environment. Nowadays, GIS is actively used in many fields such as agriculture, monitoring of natural disasters, ecology, climate change, polar studies, transportation, defense, education, environment, forest, together with remote sensing. In this context, the AGIS journal focuses on studies in the field of GIS. There is no page limit for the articles to be sent to the AGIS journal.

Aim & Scope

Advanced GIS

  • To provide an easily accessible and wide-ranging discussion environment that will strengthen and accelerate the sharing of knowledge and experience between scientists, researchers, engineers, and other practitioners who are involved in direct or indirect activities with the following topics.
  • To contribute to the initiation and development of inter-institutional cooperation, which is of great importance in terms of solving the problems related to professional developments that can play a role in technological and economic development in the world and Turkey

The scope of Advanced GIS Journal

  • GIS, Remote Sensing, GPS and related geospatial studies
  • Spatial data infrastructures; standardization and interoperability
  • Spatiotemporal analysis
  • Spatial Information Management
  • 3D modeling and simulation
  • Urban Planning Applications
  • Disaster Management
  • Climate Studies
  • Water Management & Treatment
  • Groundwater Management
  • Land Use Land Cover Changes
  • Cadastre Applications
  • Desktop, mobile and Web-based spatial applications and services

Publication frequency 

  • Biannual (June-December)