Determining temporal and spatial changes in air quality in the city of Nevşehir

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Nermin Sarı
Fatih Adıgüzel


Air pollution, which has notably surged from the Industrial Revolution onwards, has had adverse effects on all forms of life, primarily humans. Factors such as urbanization, intensified industrial activities, growing production and consumption, and the proliferation of vehicular traffic have significantly contributed to the escalating impact of air pollution. This study aimed to evaluate the levels of particulate matter 2.5, particulate matter 10, and carbon dioxide across diverse locations within Nevşehir city center. Sampling was conducted at ten distinct points, utilizing the CEM DT-9880 device for particulate matter and the EXTECH Easyview 80 CO2 Analyzer device for carbon dioxide. Measurements were taken during both morning and evening hours to discern daily fluctuations, as well as in both summer and winter to identify seasonal variations. Data collected were input into QGIS software and interpolated to delineate the distribution of pollution throughout the city. The findings reveal that pollution levels are significantly elevated across the city, particularly in industrial zones, organized industrial districts, and densely populated residential regions, as well as in areas where coal is extensively utilized for heating. Conversely, parks and green spaces exhibit the lowest levels of particulate matter and carbon dioxide pollution. While complete eradication of pollutants may be unattainable, it is crucial to mitigate pollutant levels to ensure smooth urban living. To achieve this, installing filters on industrial chimneys, expanding natural gas infrastructure, and promoting the use of natural gas in non-infrastructure areas is essential. Should coal be employed for heating, selecting high-quality, low-soot Siberian coals with high energy content is advisable. Enhancing the city's green areas and parks, as well as expanding afforestation initiatives, holds merit. Efforts to curtail vehicular numbers, encourage public transportation, and prioritize carbon emission-free electric vehicles are crucial for fostering a cleaner urban environment.

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