Vol. 2 No. 1 (2022)

The Current State of Use of Satellite-Based Positioning Systems in Turkey

Published 2022-03-30


  • Satellite Based Geolocation,
  • Satellite Signal,
  • Signal Receiver

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Erdem, N., & Demirel, A. . (2022). The Current State of Use of Satellite-Based Positioning Systems in Turkey. Advanced Geomatics, 2(1), 23–29. Retrieved from https://publish.mersin.edu.tr/index.php/geomatics/article/view/339


Nowadays, the cartography sector has also been affected by the rapid developments in the field of technology. Recently, satellite-based positioning systems have been used instead of the classic land measurements made with total station and engineer’s level. In this study, the general structure of satellite-based global and regional positioning systems is examined. The general usage densities of the system in the public and private sectors in Turkey and the status of the signals that can be received and the average sales prices of devices on the market have been investigated. The results were presented in the form of tables and graphs, and it was found that the most ideal device for our country is the device called Kolida K58 Pus, which can work with systems such as GPS/GLONASS/SBAS/GALILEO/QZSS/BEIDOU and receive signals from many satellites of these systems.


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